Naked chicks on instagram

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Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Boyfriend follows naked women on insta Watch. Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 1. My boyfriend says he loves me. Yet follows slutty pics constantly on Instagram. I've told him how I feel yet he says to me stop being childish. Even when were out in the car he constantly stares and comments on other women.. Not what you're looking for?

Hiffyy Badges: 9. Report 1 year ago 2. My ex used to follow random girls on insta who posted revealing pics. I hated it. Made me feel so insecure about my body. Report 1 year ago 3. ImAGiraffe Badges: Report 1 year ago 4. Original post by Anonymous My boyfriend says he loves me. ANM Badges: Report 1 year ago 5. Report 1 year ago 6. Plantagenet Crown Badges: Report 1 year ago 7. Badges: Report 1 year ago 8. Following hot girls on Insta is something a lot of guys do heck I do it too and I'm not a guy and there isn't a deep meaning to it.

Yes they're nice to look at, yes there is a chance they jerk off to it, but unless they're messaging these girls it's typically harmless. Last edited by sinfonietta; 1 year ago. Report 1 year ago 9. Amon-ster Badges: Report 1 year ago Original post by Dunya Way to go with making you feel special. I agree with sinfonietta that the commenting on women in front of you is just plain disrespectful and more of an issue than the instagram following.

Also - not a fan of him calling you childish for what is a perfectly reasonable concern. Another he has not respect for you. I have always said, there is no harm in looking and appreciating others beauty even when in a relationship, but it shouldn't be done in a way that will make you feel inadequate and insecure.

If you are feeling uneasy about it then I would trust your gut that this person may not have your best interests at heart. My advice would be to move on from him. You will be surprised how many great guys are out there just waiting to treat you like a Queen!

Don't settle for less. Original post by Amon-ster Way too mad out here in this Dunya OP why don't you just do the same, follow them ig models who usually go topless and give him the exact same treatment. See if he says anything If he doesn't I don't really think he's as committed as you think. MidgetFever Badges: Even girls follow hot girls on insta. Is it really that much of a big deal?

Being attracted to people doesn't stop just because you're in a relationship. I don't know why these guys just don't create an alternate . In what universe is it appropriate to follow porn s on a handle your partner knows. That's all it is though, porn. Original post by MidgetFever Even girls follow hot girls on insta. Original post by mgi No , finding people attractive when you are in a relationship is ok but going through pics of naked people is a bit much unless, as in some relationships, neither person minds. Its about being sensitive to the feelings of your partner.

AngeryPenguin Badges: Anonymous 2. Well, just imagine the thoughts he is having of these insta girls!!! IT IS very unloyal. People say it is controlling, no it is not! What makes you capable of thinking that they won't actually do something in real life with a pretty girl whilst with their partners. You don't know that! So yes maybe have a talk with him or show him where the door is. Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top.

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Naked chicks on instagram

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