Kik facetime scam

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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? The scammers transfer stolen money into the new , and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Here are some warning s that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:. Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common.

There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at ftc. Please tell me if David John Adalhard is on a scam list. I don't know how to his picture to google image. He says he is an engineer in turkey and needs money to clear his supplies from customs. I sent him money in March and he did not come home. He says he lives in NYC and has a son named Jerry. I met him on MeetMindful dating site. I'm heartbroken.

He is making me feel guilty fir not sending anymore money. I recently talked with a guy claiming to be in US army deployed to Syria. He said he recently been there a few months but was in Iraq before. He didnt ask me for money. But he was going to come home for a vacation for a month. But needed to pay for medical stamp. We talked about it and if I could help.

But I didn't really have the money for it. He said he might get in trouble for it cause it looked like he was just trying to leave. Not to come see me. But my correspondence on payment wasn't with him it was to usdepartment of welfares. An address that ends in. It is not a government . It is not a US Army . A real US Army soldier does not have to pay for medical stamps to come home on vacation. If someone is a real US soldier, he can send you an from an address that ends in. He is ing me through kik and gmail. It was my idea for the care package as he has never asked for anything.

However, when he gave me that address in Nigeria, I was taken off guard. I told him I would not be sending anything to that address, he said that was fine and he didn't want any gifts, just my love. We have been talking since mid March. I can't tell if he is real or just a scammer Hello I ment this man online he goes by the name Castro Freer and I have searched on Goole search and catfish search but I can't seem to find him he does have a Facebook and he keep telling me he is going to come live with me here in my home in October and that he wants to marry me is this a scam or is he really real.

Ladies watch out for the widowed, with child at home, loves you so much so quickly. Starts with I tunes what is it with the I tunes. My coworker met man on match. I'm Med he went to London to close big deal with investors with Kames. Then aunt in Spain died. Then Dubai investor met him at funeral and said to go to Dubai to visit family. He went there, met many investors, is leaving kames and doing big investing for many rich from Dubai. I told her that if her name had to be attached to his money in order for him to be paid for investment deal, then it sounds like a scam.

She said no, it's a real bank. Can scammers crest this"bank" deal where her name is attached to fake money? He has been sending love talk and this ordeal for at least 6 was without meeting. He has an accent she loves, also. Name is Brian, gray hair and beard with glasses. Met not actually a man on a dating site who immediately wanted to communicate through texting. At first I said that I wasn't going to just hand my phone out to anyone. He said he understood, and approached me with a story of how he had taken his college aged daughter to see Beauty, and the Beast, she was on her way back to school, and he was on his way to a job in Dubai!

After hearing that crock, I gave him my . He was going to the job for two weeks, which actually turned to five. During this time we connected in text, and phone calls. He claimed birth in Holland, but had a West Indian Accent Needles to say, in order to finish the job, and get back to the States to meet me, he needed a loan to purchase something or another for his job. He had volunteered and sent me his bank password, and name in order to check into his and see if his funds were in tact. He wanted to show me that he actually had more than enough to cover a loan with interest.

I wouldn't Lian a Hughes sum of money to a family member Does anyone know of a man named Mark Edward Kent, a driller who has been communicating with me and is going to Nigeria for 8 weeks, when he gets back he wants to meet and marry. I know it is a scam but he hasn't asked for money yet, I am just waiting. I have spoken to 4 other people from online dating sites who have asked for money and each time it was the last I spoke to them.

This one shows a lot of red flags but just wondered if others knew the name. I met a guy online saying hes a construction worker from the uk and his daughter and wife died in a crash. He kept asking mw to open a bank . When i didnt he went to another girl and i got an from his ant saying he gave me 20, dollars all i needed to do was open a bank to get it. I have a co-worker that sounds like she is talking to the same guy.

She also is a widow. I am a lesbian and I live in the United States. We communicated through for about 10 days. Her "scam" was that she was an antique dealer in Benin buying antiques. It only took nine days for her to profess her connection and love for me. On the tenth day she told me that she damaged her i-Pnone and she asked that I mail her a cell phone.

The problem was, although she was going to be in Benin for 4 weeks, she was not registered at any of the 75 hotels in Conturou, Benin. I researched. I called all 75 hotels. She wanted me to mail the cell phone to her driver rather than to her. When I asked if her phone was insured, she never answered that question. When I told her about the research I had done, including the names of several cell phone retailers located in Conturou, she fbecame unglued and told me that she did not have to prove anything to me.

Well, if a person that I have never met asks me for something the ball is in their court to prove anything that I ask them to prove. The problem is that people are so desperate for love that they fall for stories that cannot possibly be true. I am not a lovelorn teenager, and I protect my heart at all costs.

Similar story about antiques dealer, out of the country for 3 weeks, told me she relocated to the U. She has not asked me for anything but everything about her is totally off. Dedicate scammer. I stopped talking to her today when I found this post here on this website. I am a lesbian and met Rosa Hall on zoosk dating site!! She immediate blocked me on her profile and ask to start ing her.. She is antique dealer who just moved to USA 5 months ago She had to go to Cyprus for 3 weeks for some antiques and gold bars..

She sent me flowers to my home and made me think Its the real deal!!! Every time I say that I'm not comfortable sending u money without meeting u she gets extremely upset!! Honestly I was on way to bank to due money transfer but I just found this online She gave me the name and of Jaime David ibarra who is a criminal and has ten different alaises This is the guy with gold bars??

But the is for Virginia I'm so upset with myself for being this stupid!! I'm very intelligent woman and knew from the start this was all to strange.. She shared her fb profile with no friends on there and i looked her up on linkin she had profile there We've been talking via Google hangouts for 2 weeks now Sooner I get her money sooner she comes to see me.. Thank u so much for starting this .. I have the money but I work extremely hard just to give it away to a scammer!! Can I do something about this?? Obviously she must be doing ok with it to keep doing it?

What about the people that actually do give her money and don't say anything She's waiting right now for me to send it: in very upset about this and want justice for other woman she is ripping off!! She almost got me too!!

Kik facetime scam

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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money