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A year into the pandemic, it would be no surprise that if, in addition to being a pro at bingeing the latest show to drop on Netflix and meeting with your therapist via FaceTime, your sexting game is on fire. After all, it's a safe, socially distanced way to connect with someone sexually. There is some anonymity to texting conversations that can allow us to be our bravest selves. Fine points out that sexting also offers ample room to explore your desires. Think you might be into bondage play, but feel a little shy about actually getting out the handcuffs?

And as if that wasn't enough reason to let your thumbs lead the way to a pleasurable time, consider the fact that sexting is also less energy-intensive than in-person sex, can build up sexual tension in a relationship, and allows you to tap into other love languages than in-person sex, such as words of affirmation, points out Casey Tanner, certified sex therapist and expert for LELO.

Whether you're looking for new techniques to up your sexting game, or aren't sure how to start sexting in the first place, here's your ultimate playbook, according to experts. Say you've matched with someone, had a FaceTime date that went well, you're fairly certain that you have steamy chemistry, and your flirting is becoming incrementally more risque. If you're considering getting more intimate over text, you'll want to gauge one another's boundaries, advises Fine. First, determine your level of trust. Before diving in, be sure you've given some thought to how well you know and can trust your sexting partner.

Ask your partner if sexting interests them. There's no better place to start than by being plain, simple, and direct, according to Shelby Sells, a sex, love, and life coach and resident sexpert at WOO More Play. Take sexual inventory. These lists — like this one from Scarleteen , which she recommends as it includes a whole non-physical section — ask questions like, "How do you feel about viewing porn with your partner? Voice any concerns. If you have any particular worries or want to point out topics you'd prefer to avoid, you can call those out at this stage as well. Whether you're just getting started sexting with a new partner or a veteran sexter who has been with their S.

Set up a sexy movie date. Before diving into watching something X-rated together, you can fire up Netflix and try something like Elite or the famous train sex scene in Risky Business. Share a favorite erotic story. If you're not prepared to share your own words, you can try someone else's, advises Fine. Ask questions. A combination of vulnerability and curiosity can open up the lines of hot communication.

This can look like telling your partner what you want to do to them, which makes it clear that you're willing to meet them halfway in the conversation. Or you can offer a sexy confession, then transition into a question — which can also double as a way to confirm consent. Tanner recommends something like:. In general, you'll want to start by owning where your head is — and then, ask a question that allows the other person to opt-in or out of a more sexual conversation, notes Tanner.

Consider questions that you also would be comfortable answering. And you'll always want to ask permission before sending any media, says Sells. Try something like, "I want you to see how hot you make me. Would you be interested in FaceTiming? Trust your intuition, and check in to make sure you both feel comfortable engaging in these spaces, she says. Describe what you plan to do with your partner the next time you're together.

Playfully tease your partner. No matter how novice or advanced you are with sexting, it can be a fantastic opportunity to experiment with what Tanner calls "playful withholding. You can then tell your partner what you're doing to yourself, and let their imagination run wild.

Be directive. Telling your partner what you want them to do to themselves can be an empowering way to connect sexually over text. Role play. When implementing this technique, each partner takes on a persona that creates a new and sensual dynamic in the relationship, says Tanner. She recommends using made-up names or taking on characters from a show or movie you've watched together. No matter what technique you're using, you'll want to bear the following "best practices" in mind to get the most out of the interaction.

Be yourself. Ensure it's the right time and place. Although sexting can take place just about anywhere, at any time, you'll want to make sure you both have the time to devote to sexting and are in the right space e. Go slow. Familiarize yourself with the language your partner uses to talk about their own body — and share what you like too. Because words matter so much during a sexting session and we often have positive and negative associations with different terms, it pays to key into this, says Tanner. Do they get more turned on by 'penis' or 'cock'? You'll also want to think about the language you prefer and share that either directly or in context e.

Ask permission to incorporate photos or videos that were taken in the past. If you have one another's consent to send media, remember that photos have timestamps, and you risk evoking a negative reaction when sending a photo that was clearly not taken for your current partner, points out Tanner.

When in doubt, rely on past experiences. It's perfectly normal to find yourself virtually tongue-tied in the moment. That's when you can lean on a memory of something you've enjoyed in the past. Tune into reciprocity. If you've initiated a sexting session and your partner isn't meeting you halfway, you might want to take that as a al to check in and see where your partner's head is, says Tanner.

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